City Council Retires Town Crier Position

DUNCAN – As the City moves forward in a post pandemic world, and with increased awareness of historical injustices, there is a need to reevaluate the practices and symbolism of the past.  One area Council has reevaluated is that of City Ambassador, which has been represented by a Town Crier since 1995.

There have been town criers in North America ever since Europeans have been coming to the continent. There are records throughout the 16th century of town criers in Mexico, Peru, and Panama. All through the American Colonies and beyond, criers were a constant during the mid-17th century and in some places, the office of town crier persisted into the early 20th century before becoming more symbolic.

Everything has its time and at this time, Council has made the decision to retire the position of Town Crier,” stated Mayor Staples.  “As we move into the future, the City of Duncan looks forward to working with our neighbours and community to create a new City Ambassador role to represent the City at events and greet our many visitors.”

City Council and staff would like to thank the current City Town Crier, Ben Buss, and past Town Crier Robert Alexander; their regalia and cries will live on in many for years to come.

2021-07-30-City-Retires-Town-Crier-Position.pdf (1896 downloads)