City Water Users Notice – Updated July 19, 2021

UPDATE July 19, 2021:  The City continues to get small pockets of complaints about a strange taste to the tap water ever since the Sun Valley Mall fire on the evening of Tuesday July 13th.  The pocket of water that seems to have been affected has been diminishing as staff have been flushing the system in various areas to remove the water with the strange taste. The City has been chlorinating the system, so the water is safe to drink.  To assist, please run the cold water tap for a short period of time to refresh water lines.

If you still experience an unusual taste other than chlorine, please contact Public Works by email at or 250-746-5321 and let them know your address so we can continue to monitor the situation.


July 16, 2021: City of Duncan water system users, please be advised that due to the fire in the south end of the City earlier this week, you may temporarily experience a slight chlorination taste or notice a discolouration in the water.  Public Works has tested the current chlorine levels, the water remains safe to drink, and it is well below the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.  To resolve any discolouration or taste, simply run the cold water tap for a short period of time to refresh water lines.

Please disregard this notice if your property is not on the City’s water system.

Those who have questions or concerns, may contact the City of Duncan Public Works Department at 250-746-5321.