Proposed Rogers Cell Phone Tower at Public Works Yard

Rogers Communications has contacted the City regarding the potential installation of a new cell phone tower at the Public Works Yard (1091 Marchmont) with lease revenue to be provided to the City under a long term agreement. The City of Duncan Public Works Yard has been identified as a preferred location based on their review of potential locations and signal path surveys across the City of Duncan.

The proposed new cell phone tower is intended to improve service and reliability for the local area. Cell phones are critical communications devices within the community at all times, and particularly during an emergency or natural disaster. 

The next step in the process is a public consultation regarding the proposed cell tower installation. The process will be led entirely by Rogers and its consultants. The City is not involved in this process but will receive a summary of the feedback provided.

This public consultation process follows the formal process established by Industry Canada under the Radiocommunication Act. More information on the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) process is available here:

Following the public consultation process, the results will be presented to City Council for determination on proceeding. There is no commitment to proceed with the proposed cell phone tower installation at this time – only approval for the consultants to proceed with public consultation. After the initial public consultation, if Rogers and City Council are both agreeable to the continued consideration of this location, public notice of the proposed lease will be issued on the City’s website and in the Cowichan Valley Citizen inviting public comment to be provided directly to the City.  The public consultation is led by the applicant. If you have any questions or comments regarding the cell phone tower proposal, please contact:

Brian Gregg, SitePath Consulting Ltd.
2528 Alberta Street, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3L1
Phone: 778-870-1388