City Adds Two New EV Charging Stations on Duncan Street

DUNCAN – The City of Duncan is excited to announce the installation of two new ChargePoint EV charging stations on Duncan Street, adding four new charging ports in that location. These new stations are located adjacent to the two existing stations, providing more charging options for electric vehicle owners who are visiting Downtown Duncan. 

The ChargePoint EV charging stations operate on a fee basis, with the first three hours costing $1.00 per hour and $2.00 per hour thereafter. Payment can be made through the ChargePoint app, which requires users to add their credit card information to the app. In the event of any payment issues, customers can call ChargePoint customer service at 1-888-758-4389.

“The installation of these new charging stations is a significant step forward in promoting sustainable transportation options in our community,” said Mayor Staples. “With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, it is important that we continue to invest in charging infrastructure to support their adoption.”

The City of Duncan is committed to promoting sustainable transportation options and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By adding these new charging stations, the City aims to encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles and support the growth of the EV market. 

The City would like to thank ChargePoint and the Government of Canada Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program for their support in making this project possible, and we look forward to serving the EV community with these new charging stations.

2023-03-27 EV Charging Stations.pdf