The Municipality of North Cowichan, City of Duncan and Town of Lake Cowichan are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached to end the two-tier fee structure at the Cowichan Aquatic Centre for residents of the Town of Lake Cowichan. Beginning immediately residents of the Town will no longer be required to pay the higher two-tier fee to use the pool.

The “City of Totems” has been a long term project that has developed the world’s largest outdoor collection of publically displayed totem poles. The project began in 1985 and was designed to attract visitors to Duncan. It has involved the enthusiasm and support of many individuals and organizations, and has cultivated cross-cultural appreciation and cooperation.

On Tuesday, there was an incident where some quantity of sewer from the City of Duncan system entered the Cowichan River. With the information available, the Vancouver Island Health Authority does not believe there is any public health risk based on results of the river water sampling that has been conducted.