Water Meter Program

The City of Duncan is committed to improving the quality of life for its residents through sustainable practices. Managing water supply and demand through the operation of an efficient and effective water meter program is important for long‐term health and prosperity of the community.

About the Water Meter Program

The Water Meter Program started in 2015 and will continue until 2018.  During this time period, the City will be installing new water meters at all residential properties on the City system. All property owners will be notified prior to installation. The objective of the program is to provide new, efficient, and accurate meters with enhanced features such as leak detection, backflow monitoring, and radio read capabilities.

Benefits to You

  • The City will be able to read your water meter without entering your property, ensuring your privacy.
  • The new water meter system will increase the speed, efficiency and accuracy of meter readings.
  • The new water meter will allow you to accurately monitor your water usage and detect any low‐flow water leaks, reducing water waste.
  • You have the potential to save money, as homeowners will be billed based on actual, not estimated, water use.
  • The water meters will be installed at no cost to homeowners.


Why is the City shifting to a meter program?

The new meter program means that Customers will pay for exactly what they use each month.  When people are charged for their actual measured use, they tend not to waste it, thereby reducing their overall water consumption.

How do I read my new water meter?

If you wish to read the meter, open the lid on the pit installation and lift the small flap on top of the meter to obtain the read manually.

How often is the meter read, and by whom?

The meter will be read four times per year by the City Works crew.  However, the radio read system will allow the meter to be turned on and read remotely so no one will need to visit your property.

How are rates determined?

Initially, the City will only be gathering usage data to establish consumption patterns.  Immediately following installation, there will be no change in your water billing.  You will continue to be billed at a flat rate until we can provide more information to residents on what their metered bill rates will look like.

Water Meters – Frequently Asked Questions