Booking Sports Fields

McAdam Park, Rotary Park, and the Sand-pitch located by McAdam Park are available to book for a variety of sports practices and events.

The City will generally allocate the parks to individuals, groups and organizations based on the following priority guidelines:

  1. Minor groups where more than half of the members reside in the Cowichan Valley.
  2. Adult groups were more than half of the members reside in the Cowichan Valley.
  3. Groups that have some members who reside in the Cowichan Valley, but less than half.
  4. All other non-local groups.

In addition to these guidelines:

  • Youth groups may have scheduling priority for early evening time slots.
  • Historic users of the park may be given priority over new park users.

Only scheduled games are permitted on the McAdam Park Playing Field. All practice and scrub games occur on the Rotary Park Practice Field or the Sand-pitch.

During periods of inclement weather, adjustments or cancellation of games on McAdam Park Playing Field are determined by the Operations Manager depending upon the condition of the playing surface, particularly during the months of November, December, January and February.

The schedule for regular sports users is determined at a scheduling meeting in late August each year. Please call City Hall at 250-746-6126 if you wish to attend the yearly meeting. Additional bookings are based on availability and the guidelines noted above.