RFP 2024.01 – McAdam Park Playground – Supply and Build

This Request for Proposals (the “RFP”) is an invitation by the City of Duncan (the “CoD”) to prospective Proponents to submit proposals for the supply and turnkey installation of new playground equipment for the City’s new McAdam Park Playground, including all associated civil works as outlined in the attached drawings (i.e. site clearing, excavation, sub-base, play surfaces, concrete, drainage, etc.).

Proposals will need to carefully outline costs for the various options as the play equipment may need to be installed in stages depending on overall budget.

The Proposals and their envelopes should be clearly marked with the name and address of the Proponent and the RFP program title. The sealed envelope should be addressed to the project contact:

Brian Murphy, Director of Public Works and Engineering

City of Duncan

200 Craig Street

Duncan, BC V9L 1W3


Alternately, electronic proposals may be submitted to:


Proposals should be received on or before the Closing Time of:

TIME:  2:00 p.m. Pacific

DATE:  March 18, 2024


It is the Proponent’s sole responsibility to ensure its Proposal is received at the mailing or email address set out above by the Closing Time. Hard copies (3) of the Proposal to the above address are requested to follow at the same time or within two business days following the Closing Time.


Proponents wishing to make changes to their Proposals after submission but prior to the Closing Time may do so by submitting the revisions by fax, email or hard copy. It is the Proponent’s sole responsibility to ensure the revisions are received by the CoD prior to the Closing Time.

RFP 2024.01 – Proposal Document

RFP 2024.01 – Appendix B Part 1 of 2

RFP 2024.01 – Appendix B Part 2 of 2

RFP 2024.01 – Appendix C

RFP 2024.01 – Addendum 1

RFP 2024.01 – Addendum 2

RFP 2024.01 – Addendum 3

RFP 2024.01 – Addendum 4