CleanBC Better Homes BC Retrofit Rebate and Top-Up

Thinking about making your home more energy efficient?

Start is by contacting BC Home Energy Coach: A free service to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Every little bit helps and doing your part to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions to respond to this crisis can be as simple as upgrading to a heat pump, installing new windows, or improving your homes insulation.

This service includes:

  • An incentives and rebates search tool
  • Resources to learn about energy efficiency products and services
  • A regularly updated frequently asked questions series
  • Knowledgeable program staff to answer your home energy improvement questions
  • Contact BC Home Energy Coach at 1-844-881-9790 or visit

To assist homeowners with these upgrades, the Province of British Columbia has set up the Clean BC website,, an online hub to quickly find rebates and information on energy saving actions.

Starting in January 2021, the City has made an agreement with Clean BC to offer a top-up with the current rebates. This top-up is made available through the application, homeowners do not have to contact the City to receive the rebate top-up.

Homeowners and contractors are encouraged to use the rebate search tool for potential rebates, or to contact the free Energy Coach Service at or 1-844-881-9790.